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Where’s the Joy?

joyI simultaneously love and hate those moments where God shows me my faults.  Being humbled is not very fun, yet it is a beautiful thing because it creates change in us.  At least, I hope it does for me!  The past couple of weeks have been quite stressful with the last few days of summer winding down and the school year beginning, and I have not always been the most fun to be around.  In fact, I always feel bad for my family during this time because I can definitely be a little short and spaced out because of all of the things on my mind.  As much as I love teaching, the beginning of the year is always such a hard time for me because of the high expectations I put on myself – will my classroom be perfect? Are all of my lessons completely planned out? Is everything organized, cut out, laminated, and filed?  Honestly, I can be quite unrealistic with myself!

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Laudato Si’: The Experience!

Lounging with the kids at Pickle Springs Natural Area in Missouri.

I have recently taken on Pope Francis’s recent encyclical, “Laudato Si'”, since I am off for the summer and time for reading while my 22-month-old is napping is more available.  I am reading small bits at a time, and I have found that the time I am spending outdoors with my family this summer has made the Pope’s words ring with such clarity as I experience the beauty of God’s creation.  Although his words warn of the fragile nature of our planet, and the fact “to commit a crime against the natural world is a sin against ourselves and a sin against God” they also bring a scriptural and traditional view of why we should appreciate God’s creation.

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