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Laudato Si’: The Experience!

Lounging with the kids at Pickle Springs Natural Area in Missouri.

I have recently taken on Pope Francis’s recent encyclical, “Laudato Si'”, since I am off for the summer and time for reading while my 22-month-old is napping is more available.  I am reading small bits at a time, and I have found that the time I am spending outdoors with my family this summer has made the Pope’s words ring with such clarity as I experience the beauty of God’s creation.  Although his words warn of the fragile nature of our planet, and the fact “to commit a crime against the natural world is a sin against ourselves and a sin against God” they also bring a scriptural and traditional view of why we should appreciate God’s creation.

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Want to Teach Your Children How to Respect the Dignity of Others? Start with a Good Apology.

We all have dignity – it was given to us by God when He created us in His own image.  Such a beautiful statement , but a hard concept to teach to our children.  Actually, a hard concept for all of us.  Why is it so hard to  value the dignity of others?  We don’t listen when others are talking, just think about what we want to say next.  We get frustrated when someone in front of us in line is taking too long because they are trying to find the exact change in their purse.  We get irritated when people are offended by something we did and find it hard to apologize.  Instead, we try to analyze the situation and figure out how we were forced to say or do what we did because of something that person did first.  Oh, is it just me who does these things?  That ugly sin of pride.   This is the one sin that I find myself trying to remove from my life permanently.  The way I am attempting to do this is by becoming better at apologizing.

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