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It is Good to Be a Sinner – A Humble One That is!

jesus of nazareth
Robert Powell, who plays Jesus in the movie “Jesus of Nazareth”

Movie night is a special time for my husband and I.  After the kids go to bed, we sit on the couch (sometimes with a glass of wine and chocolate or chips and salsa) and watch a movie together.  It is something I look forward to since we do not get many date nights, and it is a wonderful way to just enjoy being together.

Recently, we purchased some older movies recommended by the the National Catholic Register, hoping that these movies will not only entertain, but inspire as well.  Some of you may remember “Jesus of Nazareth,” a 4-hour TV movie that includes a star-studded cast (at least at the time!).  Abe and I decided to tackle this movie first – a movie I remember bits and pieces of when watching with my parents.  The thing I remembered the most from this movie is the striking blue eyes of the actor who played Jesus in the film (Robert Powell).  Yeah, so I was working from a pretty blank slate!

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Want to Teach Your Children How to Respect the Dignity of Others? Start with a Good Apology.

We all have dignity – it was given to us by God when He created us in His own image.  Such a beautiful statement , but a hard concept to teach to our children.  Actually, a hard concept for all of us.  Why is it so hard to  value the dignity of others?  We don’t listen when others are talking, just think about what we want to say next.  We get frustrated when someone in front of us in line is taking too long because they are trying to find the exact change in their purse.  We get irritated when people are offended by something we did and find it hard to apologize.  Instead, we try to analyze the situation and figure out how we were forced to say or do what we did because of something that person did first.  Oh, is it just me who does these things?  That ugly sin of pride.   This is the one sin that I find myself trying to remove from my life permanently.  The way I am attempting to do this is by becoming better at apologizing.

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